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Humans are not logical when it comes to making decisions.

We are biological.

We are a chemical soup of dopamine, serotonin, cortisol, oxytocin, and a whole slew of endorphins.

This is so true that when the part of the brain that handles emotions is too damaged...

People. Can't. Make. Decisions.

Think about that real quick.

They can tell you all the reasons they SHOULD make a decision, but even the smallest ones, they can't.

This is why I hound so much on emotion in sales.

Before you send an email, I want you to think about what emotion you want the prospect to FEEL because of it.

Before a cold call, think about what emotion you're trying to invoke in the person you're calling.

When giving a demo, how do you want the person to FEEL about each feature?

In discovery - What emotion are you trying to create about their current state?

Emotions drive every decision we make.

Yet is sales and B2B marketing it's so logic focused, that we wonder why deals stall out or lose traction or closed lost.

We act like ROI is enough. It's not.

Emotion closes the deal, logic just backs it all up.

If you can't make them feel, you can't close/book the deal.

Oooh, new Sales Hallmark card right there.

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