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I Already Love Bravado

When I was a kid- my folks always told me I'd be in sales one day.

I would reply back: "I don't want to be in sales, I want to help people!"

I'll never forget that for three reasons:

  1. It's hilarious to look back on
  2. My parents tell the story 5+ times a week
  3. It goes to show there is a negative stereotype of our industry- deeply ingrained into society

Flash forward to now- I'm in my fourth year of sales. I am fulfilled by my career because I refuse to disappoint my childhood self.

My goal as an Account Executive is to improve the life of every single person I encounter in my career. Directly via my product/service, or simply on a human level.

"What if I can work in sales... AND actually help the people I meet along the way"

I'm so excited to join a network of like minded colleagues on a mission to change what it means to work in sales.

Let's connect!

Matt Binder

Great mindset!
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