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I am a Rebel

Prepare yourself before you click any further because what I’m about to say, you probably won’t like.

I am a Rebel in the sales world.

When my boss told me to go right, I went left.

When the industry said “your ideas will never work”, I carried them out in full force.

When people called me “immature” and “unprofessional”, I stood my ground.

I chose to start a rebellion and take the road less traveled.

So, you can stick to the path that many others have taken before us and work to retire.

Or, you can defy all expectations.

Humility, an open mind, and empathy. Risk and failure, integrity, strength and perseverance. All important in accomplishing the goals that might seem unachievable to most.

But beyond your attitude, it takes action.

It takes a bold individual.

It is how legends are born.

So, today is Wednesday. It’s the middle of the week. You can walk into the remainder and do the same old routine that continues into Monday, rinse and repeat. Or, you can choose to start writing the first chapter of your own legacy.

I say take the day, my friends.

No more doubt or wasted time.

Start your sprint into greatness and achieve what others have only daydreamed in their cold cubicle in the corner counting down to the weekend.

See you at the finish line.


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