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I am Leading a Sales Rebellion with My Tribe

Everybody talking about how they’ve got X amount of followers...

I’m over here focused on getting ONE PERSON to join my tribe and get stoked about my Rebellion.

A new friend, an alliance, someone who sees the benefit of adding me to their life.

A person I was able to touch.

That I resonated with.

Maybe on a topic that’s not super popular.

Or one that is a hot-button right now and they enjoy my take on it.

Either way, they become part of our Rebellion in that moment and I am extremely fulfilled by the opportunity to serve them beyond that one post that made them (you) hit follow.

I don’t stop with content.

If someone sends me a direct message and genuinely asks for help, I’ll get on the phone with them.

Do I charge to coach and train salespeople? Yes. 

That doesn’t mean I don’t help individuals in need when I feel called to.

I earn my living every day. 

I also see the need for others to do the same. 

I understand that if I can impart a little wisdom into their walk to elevate their life, it will have a bigger impact then signing them up for coaching on the day we first met.

This comes down to one fact.

I am leading a Sales Rebellion.

My tribe will be the people that populate that movement. We are inclusive, we are a community, we are here to stay.


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