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I brought up copywriting (again) last week.

Touting how important it is to 'master' as a salesperson.

Figured i'd share one of the best frameworks I've found to get ya'll started.

I've added a few things to it that I've found to be helpful.







Tempt - Find a hook, something that you know your audience will want to learn more about. Insider secrets.

Problems they didn't know about. Questions that can get them thinking 'huh?'

Influence - Help them understand how the information you shared will actually impact them. What's the impact of what you shared with them.

Persuade - Why should they make a move or change now based on that information.

Stories - Give them a character they can relate to, that goes through similar pain points, has a breakthrough, makes a change, and gets the desired result Case Stories > Case Studies

Sell - What they should do next to take one more step towards what you reached out to them about.

If you can learn how to write like this, not only will your emails get better, but so will your VM, your scripts, your videos, and everything else.

Happy writing!

This PSA (Public Sales Announcement) was brought to you by Persuasive Copywriting by Andy Maslen

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