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I challenge YOU to…. 500 reps! Can you do it??

After Day #... (can no longer keep track of how many days into lockdown we’ve been in), I’m still in search of a good workout routine and schedule. I’ve been doing more meditation and yoga (see my list of free recs here), but sometimes my body craves a good HIIT workout! 


Whoever is also looking for a good sweat, here’s a brutal 500 rep challenge that you can do at home! No weights needed. I mean, add weight if you want.. but trust me, after 3 reps, you will regret that decision. 


If you’re feeling competitive, tag your friends/colleagues in the comments to challenge them! Bonus points for those who post a hyper-lapse video of them doing it on IG! (Tag @WeAreBravado). Triple points if you're bold enough to post your time ;)

To kick it off, I challenge Sahil Mansuri Alyda Merritt Morgan Ingram Kevin Walkup and Alicia Young ! After you finish (or attempt) the 500 reps, comment how you feel! 💪

Amy Young
VP of Operations at Bravado
Nancy Zhu
Business Operations at Bravado
Hmm someone should lead this challenge on a Bravado live webinar 🤔
Ashley Zagst
Head of Marketing at Bravado
Did you just volunteer!? 
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