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I consider giving up at least twice a week.

I consider giving up at least twice a week.

Do you know the feeling?

When pursuing your calling isn't bringing you success

So you just wanna say f#ck it and go work at the gas station

It happens not because I don't believe I'm any good

But because I become unsure that being good at something means I get to do it for a living

It's not that I doubt my skill and talent

It's that I doubt the likelihood that those skills and talents will earn me the life I dream of

The truth is these doubts are not lies

They foreshadow the future of those who quit on themselves

We lose not when we fail

But when we stop believing we can win

Faith is the difference maker

Faith gets me out of bed

Faith will take me places skills and talent alone never could

It builds communities

It restores

It heals

So let it.




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