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I have a rule about books.

I can't start a new one, until I did something from the last one.

That simple.

I was recently asked by a rep coming up in the game what 3 books they should read as an SDR.

So I gave them my top 3.

A few weeks went by and I got a new message.

"Hey KD! I'm almost finished with those 3, what's next?'

This is how I replied.

"Read them again, and start doing everything in them"

ESPECIALLY when we first get started, sometimes we can lie to ourselves and try to learn TOO much.

Yep, I know this sounds counterproductive coming from me, but hang with me.

I have seen quite a few reps spend so much time 'searching/asking/reading/studying'...

Searching for that magic bullet.

That they never DO.

They never hone their craft. Never fail. Never mess up.

Quick hint - No book/course/mentor in the world is going to prevent you from messing up.

It's part of the game.



Mess Up.




But make sure that learning doesn't distract you from doing.

Kevin Dorsey
Inside Sales Top 10 Sales Leader at PatientPop
Mallorie Sheldahl
Sales Account Executive at Doextra CRM Solutions
I like this. I am the type that reads and implements as I go but making a conscious effort to apply what I learn using this one simple rule is a great way to hold myself accountable. I'm going to borrow it, thank you!
Benjamin Brook
Marketing Director at Launch Global
Great rule Kevin Dorsey

Mallorie Sheldahl, I do something similar - as I am reading I always have my notebook to hand and set tasks based on what I would like to implement.
Chris von Huene
Account Executive at Xerox
I also take a highlighter to every book so I can go back and grab the main points quickly. 
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