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I know sellers that make fake dials to look busy...

I know plenty of sellers that do fake dials to phone numbers that never answer to boost their activity.

I know sellers who get points for activities like calls. Even if their pipeline is sufficient and they're ahead of quota, they'll get in trouble and shamed for missing activity points.

I know sellers who show up to work at +8am daily, not because they're eager to work, but because it's important to look busy at your desk. They then spend the morning reading news, on Facebook, or playing games.

Are activity metrics total crap? How do we solve for the prevalent problem in sales?

My take is we need to track the right metrics:

Email Sentiment
Pipeline Generated by ICP vs TAM
Pipeline Velocity
Pipeline Disqualification by Vertical 
Belal Batrawy
Sales Advisor at Bravado
Jason McKenzie
Strategic Account Manager at Idera
Can you elaborate on those metrics and how you suggest we measure them?
Belal Batrawy
Sales Advisor at Bravado
In the video I go over their details a bit more. Did you mean something further in depth Jason McKenzie ?
John Akbari
Principal at Akbari Advisors
In enterprise sales.

Selling solutions with defined value, dis-qualification parameters, models that help the seller predict value are key.

Your company should know:
whether to approach top-down or bottom-up or both

the gap you address, and how that gap looks to key buying personas (global head of business, users, IT, data governance, security)

the "sto...
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