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I'll never love being the only black woman in the room.

I'm not uncomfortable in these places because frankly, I've had lots of practice.

The frustration and ,candidly, the pain come when I let myself start to think about why and how we got here.

It's exhausting. It's bigger than me. It's daunting.

It's enough to make me not want to show up.


But one thought

One question

Keeps me coming back:

What would that room look like if I hadn't shown up?

So this is me, once again, showing up

And turning a room where women like me are not represented at all, into one where a woman like me is representing.

This doesn't fix the problem.

It doesn't even begin to address why and how we got here.

But it is a great place to start.

Show up.

Claim your seat at the table

Or bring a folding chair

Or, hell, knock the table over and build a better one.

But show up

Because the room is better with you in it.




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