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“I’ll pick you up here in a few hours.

“I’ll pick you up here in a few hours.”

As the car drove away 🚙 💨 leaving me by myself.

The business I started in college grew nationally. New office & employees.

It grew from selling to local businesses to the Fortune 1000.

On the outside growth looked good 👌

On the inside I was adjusting to a longer sales cycle. Cash was running low.

So at night, I’d get dropped off in not so nice neighborhoods selling alarm systems door to door to make ends meet.

It was a new world 🌎 of selling for me.

First 2 nights nobody let me in their house.

I was wondering how to sell in this new world.

It forced me to examine the sales process from different views.

Walking in the dark wasn’t fun 😳 & hurt my chances of getting invited inside.

So I decided NOT to knock on every door to stretch daylight.

I qualified buyers out by poor lawn, house and car conditions.

My focus shifted from selling to just getting invited in the house.

That’s it.

In that world - that was the hardest part.

I’d only get invited into 1-2 houses a night, but always left with one sale.

Today = similar mindset

Our focus needs to shift from how to sell in this new world to just getting invited in the house.

How can we help our buyers right now?

Knowing that gets us in.
#sales #toponepercenter #newnow

Paul Salamanca
VP Global Sales at SecurityScorecard Inc.
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