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I’ll take having a fundamental impact on...

I’ll take having a fundamental impact on one persons life over money, every single day.Money didn’t cure my depression.It didn’t make me a better salesperson.It has not made me a better Father.A more patient husband.A more principled human.What has helped me to accomplish these things have been my experiences.The men and women who have mentored and impacted me.My Father and his sacrifices.The random people who paid it forward without recognition.My Mother and her persevering love.My community and their unfailing support.A post that just happened to turn up in my feed right here on this platform.When you’re goal oriented or have a mission to become successful beyond where you currently can be easy to lose sight of your true purpose.The right mindset.The real reason behind your existence.Money is nice, I’m definitely a fan.But, I’d prefer people make the conscious decision to support me because they believe.That those who have joined The Sales Rebellion and those to come, would show up because they desire to be here.Not because they desperately need a sale.Or feel pressured to become better leaders.But because they believe in the mission.To tear down castles and come build a Kingdom, oh Rebel.#ChangeTheGame #B2B #Sales

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