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I’m about to take a pretty big risk today. In every sense of the word.

I had a vivid vision back in 2019 when I started The Sales Rebellion.

To change the way, the landscape of the sales world.

To provide my family with a better way of life through my business walk.

To give my best friend and his vision a voice, along with a renewed sense of purpose.

To find a tribe that would build their own community within our movement.

To honor and continue the legacy of my Father, Curtis Dupree.

And I have sacrificed for it.

Because your mindset and actions are two of the major components to your success.

If I were to teach it, I would say to focus on these things...

Servant leadership.






And along with all these things I would tell you to take risks and not to fear discomfort.

To trust in Him with every fiber of your being.

And to stay the course.

I am grateful for my Rebellion Family. All the Rebel Alliances we have created.

It is why I take risks, like the one I am taking today.

So, if you’re presented with a choice today or have already been contemplating one that seems like a risk - ask yourself...

Am I willing to Choose Legendary?

Am I ready to write the next chapter of my Legacy?

#ChangeTheGame #Sales #B2B

Dale Dupree
Founder at The Sales Rebellion
Lance Carroll
Director of Business Development at Patagonia Health EHR Billing and Practice Management Software
With EVERY fiber - amen. Love that. 
8 days ago
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