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I'm happy to be here

Good morning, and happy early Thanksgiving everybody. I've been doing sales now for about 12 years, and in the staffing industry for 8 years. After leaving the Army in 2006 due to an injury, I had no idea what to do since my goal was to make it a career, but I saw a local car dealership down the street looking for someone to help them sell.

Shortly after that, I enrolled in the sales program at Plymouth State in New Hampshire and have been selling in the staffing industry. On the surface, one wouldn't think that there's a lot that I could take from my time in the Army to apply to sales, but I've learned that my ability to adapt and overcome that I learned while in the Army does have applications in the world of sales.

My goal in joining this group is to learn from others and to share my own experiences with anybody who is willing to listen. Sales professionals are always at their best when learning or coaching others!

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