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I'm named after a black slave

I'm named after a famous black slave, Bilal Ibn Rabah.

Bilal was tortured by being stripped naked and chained down in the scorching desert sun because he was one of the first people to accept Islam.

His owner told Bilal each day that if he renounced Islam he would be set free, but if he didn't, a heavy rock would be put on his chest.

Bilal refused, and the story of his epic resistance spread.

Bilal was eventually freed by the Muslims.

He had the high honor of becoming the personal prayer caller, spear bearer, and treasury minister to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Imagine +1,400 years ago, a freed black slave holding such a distinguished position...

Bilal is one of most world renowned Africans and common names in the world

.In fact, it is more popular outside of Africa in Pakistan and India.What's happening in America isn't new.+1,400 years ago, Bilal couldn't breathe with that rock on his chest just like George Floyd 8 days ago.

Neither did anything to deserve to be tortured or killed.

That's what people who don't know need to understand.

You just took a small step in stopping the spread of racism by reading this post and learning something new.

The cure to the ignorance of racism is knowledge.

Don't stop now! Address it in your own homes and community today.

I hope people take this opportunity to dramatically shift their understanding of the systemic racism under which so many suffer. 

The protests, riots, and looting over the past few nights in Illinois is a great reminder of what a privilege it is to stay home safe. Friends and family downtown and in my hometown are terrified. It’s time to make a chan...
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