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I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name?

Next time your waiter goes right into offering you water to start. Bottle or tap?

Answer the question then say, “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name?”

“I’m Joe.”

“Great. Thanks, Joe.”

A little later, you really need Parmesan cheese to start eating, but it’s not on the table.

Hate that 😤

You see Joe a table away and need his attention, it’s so much easier to grab his

attention now by calling his name from a distance without sounding rude.

“Hey Joe? Parmesan cheese when you get a chance please.”

You can do a the same for the check.

“Joe. Check when you get a chance.” ✍️

Do the same when calling an executives office and their EA picks up,

EA: “Hi, Tom Wilson’s Office.”

“Hi I’m Paul with Acme. I’m sorry - I didn’t catch your name?”

EA: “I’m Judy.”

Now when you call Tom’s office again the next day or so you can say “Hi Judy. It’s Paul again. Tom available?”

You’re now building rapport with Tom’s EA faster than most just by asking for and using her first name.

The 3rd + time you call you can now ask Judy when she suggests would be a good

time to catch Tom live and she’ll feel more comfortable telling you when he has a break on his calendar.

A person’s name is the best sounding word to them so don’t forget to ask for it.



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