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I noticed recently that I was getting...

I noticed recently that I was getting angry a whole lot more easily than is normal for me.

I tend to be a pretty upbeat, positive person.

I'm aware of the hard things in life. I've been through some pretty tough experiences in the last 5 years or so...

  • Pretty crushing health diagnoses
  • Divorce
  • Business failures

But still, I was good at maintaining my patience, my focus on kindness, my desire to help others.

This pandemic has left me short tempered in a way that made me deeply uncomfortable.

And so I've worked to sit with it. To get curious about it. To give that anger the room it needs to express itself.

And guess what?

It's not anger. It's fear.

Of the unknown. Of the uncertainty. Of the pressure to keep my team employed, my clients well served, and my family safe.

We're all going through hard times. And we may be good at giving others the support they need.

Don't forget to give it to yourself too. Let yourself feel what you need to. It's natural and it's okay.

And if I can help in any way. Reach out. I mean it.

Kasey Jones
CEO at A Better Jones
Lori Richardson
B2B Sales Growth Strategist; Help Company Leaders Build a Better Sales Pipeline at Score More Sales
Yea, stress and fear manifest in so many ways - really great message and a reminder to cut people some slack right now. 
Barbara Giamanco
CEO at Social Centered Selling
Thanks for sharing, Kasey. I believe that there are really only 2 emotions - love and fear - and everything flows from there.
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