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I participated in the Objective Management Group annual International Partner Conference all day on Friday and all day on Saturday.

It is traditionally in Boston each year - such a fun event with dinners out and seeing old friends. Longest virtual event I've been on. 8AM-3PM on Friday and 8AM-4PM on Saturday.

We had awards (yay, Score More Sales is once again an award-winning partner) and there was amazing content around new products and services I'm excited to tell clients and future clients about. On this screen above, Gretchen and Carole had just done role plays. Can't stress the value of good role-playing and great feedback from Dave Kurlan. For someone with a short attention span, I think I did a good job. Two days of upbeat discussion on ways to help companies solve sales issues through data and ways to prepare to grow revenues again.

How are YOU continuing to learn while WHF? #sales #salesgrowth

I'm anxious to participate in some larger virtual events. So far my additional learning has come from reading more articles and posts that I never seemed to have time to do before. 
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