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Erynn Bell commented on

Stop framing a global pandemic as an opportunity...

I read some post saying #sales leaders need to use optimistic language, specifically that "Now is a great time to steal market share from competitors."

Personally, I never viewed a company outcome as a way to deliver optimism. As a sales leader, I remind myself first and then others of being:

- grateful for our situations

- humble and dignified in the face of uncertainty

- supportive to others that depend on us

- mindful of what we can and cannot control

Quite frankly, the post and the book it was referencing felt predatory. I will never look at a global crisis as a way to steal anything from anyone. There's no joy to be had from the difficulty of others.

Stop trying to frame a global pandemic as an opportunity. Just accept the nature of the calamity and focus on the qualities of good character and conduct that matter most in times like this.

Agreed, feels icky if it's opportunistic. 
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