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I sent this note to my management team this week. Thought I'd share.

The rare people who do become exceptional at something do so not because they believe they're exceptional.

On the contrary, the become amazing because they are OBSESSED with improvement'

When you pause and think, is that the mindset you're coming into every day?

That I/Me/Myself is going to get better today AT making my people better?

But that obsession also needs to carry over to your team.

Yes things are harder right now, but are we improving?

Do you know if we are improving?

Do we know that when things get 'easier' that we are going to blow shit out of the water?

Or will it just return to the 'old normal'?

This obsession with improvement is the mindset we need to have every day, top-down, as well.

--How am I going to be better today?

--How can I help my people be better today?

--How will I know if I'm getting better?

--How will I know if my people are getting better?

--How will MY PEOPLE know they are getting better?

Let's be obsessed with improvement, daily, weekly, and monthly.

That is where greatness lies.

3 years of truly focusing on improving WILL quite literally change your life in so many ways.

So... Are you obsessed with improving?

Be a lot cooler if you were.

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