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I took a big step backward in my career.

It was a very risky move.

I was finally making good money after making less than $45k a year for 5 years.

But there was a really big problem.

The company I was now working for was shady. Like really shady.

Wouldn't deliver products. Wouldn't honor warranty.

Like bad stuff.

I knew I couldn't stay, but I was the sole income with a baby at home.

Then I found a company called HUMAN was hiring for an SDR role.

I had already been closing and managing reps for years, but that was the only role they had open.

I could have passed it because I was 'too senior/too good'

But they had the culture and leadership that I want to work for.

I saw quite a few holes that I felt I could fill.

So I went for it.

I took the SDR role.

Within 1.5 years I was running the entire sales org.

The risk paid off.


1. I swallowed my pride.

2. I was willing to do the tasks and develop myself for the job I wanted before I actually had it.

Shadowing AE's

Writing Scripts

Leading Trainings

Designing processes

Volunteering for projects.

All before it 'was my job'

It was a risk that changed my life and career forever.

Put your ego aside.

Develop yourself

Solve problems.

Then don't be shocked when someone takes a risk on YOU.

I had a similar story about taking a step back. After 15 years in the Real Estate industry (I lost a passion for it) so I wanted to make a change. I managed a team loan officers and processors, but nobody wanted to hire me in the SaaS world. The companies that interviewed me felt my skills couldn't transfer over. 

So after a couple of months. I had ...
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