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I Was Building My Community

The people that don’t understand the concept of quality over quantity, in sales, are mainly driven by fast money - not results.

They want money in the bank and they want it now.

What is interesting to me about this is that when I found my full stride as a rep, which was about two years in, I was suddenly breaking all the records you ever dreamed of shattering.

Year over year.

This wasn’t because I ran a fast and hard sales cycle.

It wasn’t because I was urgently closing my buyers at every opportunity.

And, this is full transparency, it’s not because I was calling on people in mass quantities.

It’s because I was building my community, which eventually became a kingdom.

And don’t worry, everyone who’s shaking their head right now... I hit my monthly quota leading up to this glory.

Did I have bad months? Yeah. Of course. If you don’t, how will you ever learn?

Here’s the point most people miss.

Results are long term.

Results are based on an investment of time back into those you seek to serve.

Fast and easy money leads to unsatisfied clients that LEAVE YOUR ASS on the next go-around.

There’s no sustainability in burning through your lists, racing to the bottom.

Godspeed though, if that’s your flavor.

I’ll be over here enjoying the real fruit.

#ChangeTheGame #B2B

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