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All Effective Cold Outreach has One Thing in Common

I went through nearly +10 years of highly effective, cold outreach I've used at 7 different startups.

I realized there's a single common theme in every effective script or email I've created.

It is the underlying basis for getting people's attention who are not in buying mode.

It is the same foundation for what:

- Josh Braun calls illumination questions.

- Jacco van der Kooij calls the provocative sale.

- Jeff Molander calls sparking curiosity.

I'll give you the answer below, but before I do I want you to take a guess what it is.

What do you think is the common theme all PROSPECTS share that your cold outreach must acknowledge?

State your guess below before reading my answer in the comments.

P.S. Later today I'll release 5 examples of the exact script I used for 5 different startups to create provocative outbound messaging. Stay tuned!

The answer is all provocative, illuminating, and curiosity sparking outbound messaging acknowledges that the prospect is getting the job done today someway, somehow.

Otherwise they wouldn't be in business and you wouldn't be messaging them to begin with.

It might not be effective or efficient, but your prospects are managing to get by.

Your message ha...
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You must include them in the outreach.... "I see  you are going through your greenbelt Six Sigma training " ... I work with Greenbelts seeking to become black belys
Most messages are boring bloated solicitations. Creative tension is intriguing. Nancy Duarte calls these sparklines. They make us stop. and Think. 
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