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I wrote this in November 2019.

I wrote this in November 2019. In December 2019 I was unexpectedly let go from my position. I've waffled back and forth for six months when and how to release this without being insensitive or opportunistic. Please know that is not my intent.We're now in a recession. Job search tips abound (I threw a couple in) but this isn't about the job search. It's about the fact that leaving a company mirrors a lot of the same emotional and behavioral patterns experienced during a breakup.Mental Health in sales is at a tipping point. Millions of us struggle with it in silence and while organizations like UNCrushed are trying to end the stigma we have a ways to go. Add in the stress from life in 2020 and the pre-existing crisis is ballooning.So it's time to talk about this. The five stages of grief are real when you lose your job - voluntarily or involuntarily.I hope this validates some of what you may be feeling if you're in the middle of this. I hope if you've been lucky enough not to experience a layoff you'll remember this when you do and be more prepared than I was.#mentalhealth #sales #layoff #selfcare #community

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