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If I could go back to the start of my sales career (2008), here's what I'd do differently:

1. 2008-2010: BigTechCo🏆

2. 2010-2014: Hot Series C-D 📈

3. 2014: Launch Bravado (3 years earlier!)

1. 08-10: BigTechCo

Being an SDR/AE at Google or Salesforce teaches you little about sales. Buyers already respect your brand. So why start there?

3 reasons: They have fantastic training programs to learn the fundamentals. You build your network with incredibly successful engineers, designers, PMs, executives who are roaming the halls. And you get the stupid (but effective!) rubber stamp.

2. 10-14: Hop to Stripe, Front, Brex, Notion

For the vast majority of sellers out there... your company and its product are going to fail. Thems the facts. Instead, join a company flush with cash, that has a ton of PR, demand and momentum. Also, more awesome networking.

3. 2014: Launch Bravado

Leverage credibility/network from first 2 jobs to raise venture funding and launch startup. Fun fact: Bravado was first dreamt up in 2011! It took me 7 years to find the right cofounders, figure out how VC worked, save up, etc.

Looking back, I could have saved myself 3+ years and so much heartache selling shitty products for shitty founders. 🤷🏽‍♂️

And that's the damn truth. ❤️



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