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You're only worth your quota

If I told you "You're only as smart as your GPA" that would be stupid.

If I told you "You're only worth what's in your bank account" that would be ridiculous.

If I told you "You're only as wise as the grey hairs on your head" that would foolish.

But if I told a seller "You're only as good as your revenue produced" that would just be called quota.

No one is just a number.

And no one is defined solely by the outcome.

That's obviously not how to treat people well.

And yet I hear sellers all the time saying "I want to be more than just a quota number."

But I just can't see how that's true.

To most companies, you are just a quota.

Your contributions to:

- helping teammates grow

- refining operations and processes

- sharing tribal knowledge on competitors

- innovating in messaging and value props

All mean squat if you don't produce.

And that's exactly why I have no loyalty to a company as a seller.

And I'm fine with walking out the door when I need to.

Until the idea that sellers are only as good as the quota they hit changes, don't expect sales burnout and turnover to improve.

Have you ever experienced that feeling you're just a quota number from management before?
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Belal Batrawy
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Ramin Joseph
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8 days ago
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