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Two tips for outbounding in the pandemic

If I was an AE or SDR right now trying to outbound prospect in the pandemic, I'd be obsessing over 2 things:

1) Focusing the majority of my effort on the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Do not waste your time messaging to the Target Addressable Market (TAM).

Your TAM is anyone who can use your product. It's usually big and kinda vague.

Your ICP are the people who need your product the most, love using it often, and tell all their friends about it. It's usually very narrow and focused.

2) I'd be messaging my ICP leads what my product MEANS to them, not what it DOES or what it IS. Example to help you understand:

Tylenol IS acetaminophen. What it DOES is help you with a headache. What it MEANS is the difference between lying on the couch all afternoon feeling groggy or having a clear head to play with your kids.

So if I sell software that makes a manual process paperless, my product IS a paperless solution. What it DOES is remove the need for a person to do something that can be automated instantly. What it MEANS is ensuring I avoid wasting an afternoon figuring out what went wrong because someone made an error during the manual process.

What is your ICP?

What IS your product, what DOES it do, and what's that MEAN to your ICP?

Bonus for reading the comments:
Most sellers have value props that tell their buyer what their product IS and what it DOES. Very rarely does sales messaging actually address what it MEANS.
What your product or service MEANS is the opposite of the benefits your customers get from using the product.
So if my product helps people stay in compliance with ...
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