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If I was an SDR/AE right now I'd research the impact on my customer's customers and share some findings.

For example, if I sell session replay to e-commerce companies, I'd pick a sub category like clothing and go read what consumer sentiment is on shopping for clothes right now.

I'd distill all the research I could find into a few hard hitting paragraphs with 3-5 hyperlinks, and I'd send this email:

"Hey Belal,

I've compiled several hours of research on consumer sentiment and online clothing sales data into a one page summary I've attached.

The most responsive e-commerce companies are surprisingly finding growth opportunities with the big shift to social distancing and staying at home.

Let me know if this report is helpful and relevant, as I was planning to update it weekly with the latest findings as we chart through unknown territory.

I know your customers are your top priority just like ours. We'll find a way to get through this storm."

What are your customer's customers going through right now?

#sales #management

This is EXACTLY what I mentioned in response to a discussion with Patrick Downs on LI yesterday. It is funny, I hadn't thought much about my customers' customers before, but now I see the merit in doing that even in 'normal' times. 
Do you think there might be any concerns in appearing to 'teach them about their customers'?
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