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If someone asks you what you do.

If someone asks you what you do.

Whether it is a prospect or a normal person.

Master this answer and it will pique a massive amount of curiosity.

Which is the goal in prospecting first of all, and people (AE's) forget this.

Build enough curiosity, not interest, to show up to a call/discovery.

But also in social settings, to help the conversation keep going.

Here's what you need to get down.

I help _________________ (Persona)

Achieve/Do/Fix/Accomplish _____________________ (Thing your persona really wants)

Without having to. _______________________ (Thing your persona hates doing)

The goal of this is you want people wondering...

HOW? How do you do that?

This is curiosity.

Because they will ask, and now you are into a conversation.

You can help share the how.

Or ask to set up a call to break down the how specific to them.

Interest comes later.

Curiosity is first.

Think about this answer, write it down, practice it 100 times so you can pass the 2 am test.

What's the 2 am test?

If I called you, Saturday morning at 2am, and asked you 'What do you do'

You could spit this out no matter how many Redbull vodkas you've had.

Master this.

Build curiosity so you can sell more!

Kevin Dorsey
Inside Sales Top 10 Sales Leader at PatientPop
Hristo Kassovski
Training Consultant at Kassovski Consulting
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