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If they can't use it, it's not valuable.

Think about that next time you are trying to 'lead with value' in an email, phone call, video or LI msg.

If I gave you a briefcase with $1M in it.

But you couldn't use/spend/invest/open/trade it.

It has no value.

So if you are sending 'insights' that they can't use, there is also no value to it.

Now maybe that blog post you sent has some actionable info.

Then it's on you as the rep to break down exactly HOW they could use that information.

If you're hoping it looks like this, you're going to have a bad time.


I get your email.

I open it excitedly because it says RE: Case Study

It says 'I wanted to make sure you saw our latest white paper on X'

I go YES! I wanted another white paper on X.

I read the whole thing, and find a nugget of gold.

I immediately know what to do with that nugget to solve a problem I have.

I run out to my team and say 'I figured it out! This white paper just saved our quarter!'

I email you back thanking you and just give you my CC to buy what you are selling...

Wake up. You're dreaming.


So check yourself before you wreck yourself on the 'value train'

If they can't use it.

If you can't explain to them how they should use it.

It has no value.

Sorry. Not Sorry.

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