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If you could do ONLY 4 things to achieve your work goals.

What would they be?

I really want you to think about this for a second.

If you could only do 4 things on a daily or weekly basis, what would you do?

We do SO much.

So many meetings.

So many tools.

So much everything. That we don't do anything really really well.

Focusing on the right things is key.

Here's my Core 4.

-- 1x1s - This is why they are regular, structured, and documented.

-- Metric Reviews - Not just revenue, but the behavioral and process-based metrics under them.

-- Messaging Review and Updates - What's working and What's not.

-- Manager Development - The better my managers, the better the team

As a rep I think the Core 4 are.

-- Calls/Demos. Making enough of them, but also keeping them high quality. If you're not doing one (Demo's), you're doing the other (Calls)

-- Emails/Videos - In combination with the calls for follow up and prospecting.

-- Research - 5x5 - Spend 5 min finding 5 things, document, and move on. But for better personalization.

-- Practice - Getting GOOD at the calls and demo's. Like really good.

Once you have your core 4, go to look at your calendar and make sure the majority of your time is spent here.

Find your Core 4.

Block your calendar.


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