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Winning Culture

If you have to win to have a good culture.

Then you have a really weak culture.

I just watched my panel with Collin, Michael, and Ashley, my dude Belal Batrawy asked a great question.

'How should the sales culture pivot in a downturn or when you're not winning?'

My response was blunt as usual.

If your culture depends on winning, then you probably have a shitty culture.

Culture is actually what gets you through the bad times.

If your culture falls apart in bad times, and I've personally seen this, you didn't have the culture you thought you did.

Establishing a 'winning culture' comes before the results.

A winning culture recognizes behavior as much as results.

A winning culture focuses on development and growth.

A winning culture practices candid communication and challenges each other to grow.

A winning culture picks people up when they are down.

A winning culture RISES during tough times.

A lot of teams cultures are built on shaky ground.

As long as things are good, so is the culture.

But that's fake.

Going through this is putting a lot of cultures to the test.

We'll see who sticks together and falls apart.

It's hard to do.

It takes a ton of work.

But establishing a 'winning culture' vs 'a culture that depends on winning' is a big difference.

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