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If you keep searching for the "easy way"...

If you keep searching for the "easy way" in life and sales

You rob yourself of the tools and skills you need to handle challenges.

If you haven't prepared for them or envisioned them.

You will fail.

As humans...

We have gotten incredibly good at looking for and finding an 'easier' way to do something.

Which is amazing, it has led to almost all inventions and innovations.

But it also can cause us to become lazy.


Easily frustrated & discouraged.

So challenge yourself whenever possible and you'll be ready for anything.

If you expect sales to be a smooth ride, you are going to be disappointed.

This is why when we practice visualization, we envision the challenges as well.

The rejection, the objections, the hang-ups.

To mentally prepare for how we'll respond when they happen.

Practice the 'hard' parts of a call. Prepare for the 'what could go wrongs'

If we go into every day knowing we'll have challenges, then it can even be fun!

It won't surprise you.

You crave them.

You've prepared in practice.

You've prepared mentally.

Now it's time to go.

Do not seek the easy way, prepare for the challenges...

That's when life can feel easy.

This PSA (Public Sales Announcement) is brought to you by 'Buddhist Bootcamp'

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Good $#*t KD!  Thanks for this Tuesday motivation!  #TM101 :)
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