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If you're ever nervous before a call block/blitz or demo

It's because you're thinking about yourself

Not your prospect.

Let that sink in for a second.

The only reason you would be nervous or fearful is because you're worried about...

How YOU'LL look

If YOU'LL mess up.

If YOU'LL close the deal or book the demo

How YOU'LL do, perform, etc.

This is not the key to staying present and being a great sales person.

It's the prospect that matters.

Try this before your next call blitz or demo.

- Take 5 DEEP Breaths - As you breath in say "I breath in Confidence" in your head. As you breath out "I breath out fear.

- Picture your prospect dealing with the problem you solve. See it vividly in your head. The negative impact it's having.

- Picture them stress over it, unaware of it, things going wrong because of it.

- Picture them then breathing a sigh of relief after your call or demo because they know things will get better...

- Then right before the calls/demo say to yourself "That's why I'm here, I'm here to help"


Keep your prospect in your head/mind more, and it will change your demos and calls for the better.

As one of my mentors told me..

"Worry is a waste of imagination"

This was exactly what  I needed to read today. I was just thinking about how scary enterprise calls are compared to SMB. 
I love this Kevin Dorsey - great advice! 
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