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If you see an opportunity, one you want, one you dream of, seize it.

Don’t question it or wonder why it’s there or ask if you should.

Because the longer you wait, the more likely someone is going to snatch it from you.

All too often, I see aggressively humble people -  especially women - Act as though the opportunity should tap them on the shoulder and invite them.

But the world doesn’t work that way.

The opportunity that is out there rarely looks for the right person to take advantage of it, to make use of it, to seize it.

Nope, opportunity is simply waiting for the first person to come and get it.

Sometimes that first person screws it up and that opportunity presents itself yet again, but most of the time it doesn’t.

So if you see a leader you admire posts their cell phone number online, call them. Text them. Ask the question that burns inside you.

If the job you dream of suddenly becomes available, don’t wait, don’t hesitate. Instead, call in the favors you’ve got to make it happen.

If you recognize a problem you can solve, don’t wait for someone to ask for your opinion. Find the way to make your value known and watch what happens.

The world is waiting for you. Don’t wait for a special invitation.

Go out and get it.

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