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If you sell to anyone that has to "get approval"...

Then you need to change up your process big time.

Here we go!

1. Confirm the person you're selling to wants the product and believes it will solve a problem for their business.

2. Know why they want it and what problem THEY believe it will solve.

Once you have those 2 things, the rest of the process becomes easier because everything you're doing is to help THEM get what THEY want.

3. Learn what matters to the DM/DMs. Is the DM even aware of these problems?

4. Craft the proposal, together with your contact, for the DM.

-- Pro Tip the recap deck isn't for who you met with, it's for who you didn't.

5. Proposal should cover the problems you and the POC agreed where there, and how your product will solve it. -- Not just be about your product.

6. Direct the next steps - Best way to make this happen for YOU is to get Sally and Jim on the next call.

Pro Tip: Double the quality or quantity of people on the next call - Amazing tip from Samantha McKenna.

7. Coach your contact on what to say to the DM. How they should phrase it - Literally write the script for them if you can.

8. Schedule follow up steps

9. Repeat.

10. Close the deal.

This is how you help create a mobilizer and actually help them buy!

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