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The beauty of The Sales Rebellion.

If you think that after 1-month of doing something you’ll be an expert or get some kind of epic return...

You’re extremely misguided.

You’ve probably never truly committed to yourself.

You want everything now and because of that you’ve never found who you truly are.

You’re living with a scarcity mindset.

You need results immediately because everything is constantly a struggle and you’ve procrastinated about your success.

You’re in fear of losing everything you have.

And this isn’t just right now in this moment, it’s always been something you’ve dealt with.


Slow down.

Re-evaluate things.

Commit to yourself.

What’s in your heart will manifest into your outcomes.

If you’re living in fear, struggling with anger, dealing with depression, lingering in your defeat.

Your decisions will be dictated by these.

If you can not commit to your own success, how can anyone else be committed to you?

Becoming the “expert” takes time.

Creating your version of “success” takes patience.

That’s the beauty of this community.

We walk alongside your commitment to yourself.

And we are not just guides.

We’re accountability to the commitment to yourself.

We are not just trainers.

We’re the biggest fans of the legacy you’ve committed to building.

#ChangeTheGame #B2B #Sales

Dale Dupree
Founder at The Sales Rebellion
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