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Word Phrasing Sales Guide

In sales, you must be a wordsmith:

• It's not a quote, it's a proposal

• It's not list/sticker pricing, it's base pricing

• It's not cheaper, it's lower cost

• It's not more expensive, it's premium pricing

• It's not looking for a time to chat, it's asking when works to speak briefly

• It's not discounting, it's savings

• It's not we can help you, it's our customers achieved

• It's not circling back up with you, it's are we still on track

• It's not just checking in, it's the reason for my call is

• It's not who needs to be there, it's who would feel left out

• It's not does that make sense, it's am I off with

• It's not got it, it's sounds like you're saying

• It's not I'd like to talk about, it's we will be reviewing

• It's not sign the contract, it's for your approval

• It’s not could you be interested in, it’s do you see the value in

• It's not a contract, it's an agreement

• It's not a follow up, it's a follow through

Be mindful of your words. There's a lot of psychology behind the words you choose. For example, cheap has a negative connotation, while lower cost is associated with affordable.

The basic guidance is:

- Less is more- Direct is better than indirect- Simple is better than complex language

What would you add?

For the BDRs: it's not "my account/sales executive" it's "my solution expert"
It's not hating excel, it's being an experienced user of it.
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