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Information to share with your Clients and Prospects

Hi Everyone, my name is Payton. I hope you all are safe and faring as well as possible during these challenging times. As an account executive for CBIZ, my team and I take a holistic approach to refining our clients' risk management and insurance plans. In response to COVID-19, we would like to assist business owners in any way we can, regardless of whether they choose to do business with us or not. 

Feel free to pass the following information along to your clients and prospects as an additional way for them to reduce expenses. 

  • If you can quantify the impact the coronavirus is having on your business, it is possible to dramatically and almost immediately lower insurance costs by making mid-policy year adjustments to reflect lower sales and payroll projections, vehicles that are not on the road, etc. 

One method we are receiving positive feedback from is by offering a complimentary review of businesses' current insurance and risk management programs.  

Our goals are to identify opportunities to reduce costs and improve program performance with no obligation. 

Please reach out with any questions you may have! I would love to help out any way I can. 

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn:

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