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International Sales and Strategy Consultant


I am a sales consultant. I act as an external sale team member. I exclusively work with international companies trying to expand to the US and don't have immediate capacity to hire a sales force. I mostly try to find importers if consumer goods. But it could be a business partner, a rep, a broker, etc.

Once I get on board with a project, I find a lists and do cold calling, emailing, etc. One day I sell chocolate, another I sell Gin, and sometimes software etc. If I am not able to sell, my mission is to give them market insights and how to adapt their products or service. So any conversation is a good conversation.

Right now I am working with a Canadian Crafted Gin finding an importer and a wood flooring company.

It's a tough and an unprecedented time. So I want to have your insights. I want to help my clients, but I am having a hard time approaching people.

Great hustle Nassima, DM me if you want to chat tactics!
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