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Interview with Nikki Ivey

Picture this. Friday night - you're exhausted from a long week and psyched for the month to come. But first, you have to record a podcast and try to be coherent.

Well, that's what Nikki Ivey and I did last Friday - and it's the latest episode of The Other Side of Sales!

The result was non-stop, take no prisoners, hold no punches, #realtalk about everything #sales, #sdr, #hiring, #training, #DEI

In fact, it was so much's 20 minutes longer than normal. (This is another reason co-hosts are amazing - miss you Kasey Jones and poor Brian Smith Jr had to miss (but is fine))

Link in comments - let Nikki and I know what resonated the most with you!!

(Also where my other sales #scifi and #trekkie nerds at?!)

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