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Ryan Zadrazil commented on

Intro video

I am so excited to be part of this group! I hope to help you all out in any way I can and I expect to receive a lot of help from you guys as well as I navigate the challenges of my professional world
Jonathan Mahan
Account Executive at Bombbomb
Patrick Michael
Sales Enablement & Training at None
first of all : your hair looks so good that I am flipping out. 

second of all: thank you for kicking this off my man. It's so important to have allies and we are happy to have you here man. 
Jeff Riseley
Founder at Sales Health Alliance
This is amazing and thanks for sharing Jonathan! I totally agree with you about seeking discomfort. Learning how to manage your Mental Health plays a critical role in helping navigate all of the uncertainty and anxiety that comes outside your comfort zone.
Ryan Zadrazil
SDR at OneMarket Sales
Great intro video Jonathan! I'd love to chat sometime about how I can leverage video geared towards mental health awareness. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your insights in this group and on other platforms.
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