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Introducing...drum roll, please...POWER OF PODCASTS - the beta :)

I try to use LinkedIn to help not sell. But I'm too excited about this and proud of it not to share here.

Introducing...drum roll, please...POWER OF PODCASTS - the beta :)

My team and i talked to a BUNCH of podcasters and distilled everything that they shared with us and that I learned the hard way.

The result is a step-by-step guide to everything you need to know to launch a podcast that positively impacts your career, business + community.

--- How to identify your topic niche

--- Understanding your audience

--- Coming up with a name, description, artwork, etc.

--- Landing badass podcast guests

--- Staying super organized and saving time

--- ALL the technology to record

--- Launching your podcast

--- Promoting the hell out of it

And because I want to learn from everyone taking it, so I can refine it, improve it, and make sure it's as helpful as possible, we added a bunch of extras...

--- Coaching hours to answer questions live

--- 2 Webinars to go deeper into topics and help troubleshoot

--- Access to a private channel for students only in the new Our Galaxy Slack

Would love to have you join.

Great job Kasey Jones !
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