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Introducing the Bravado Mentorship programme!

Hello Bravado Mentorship Community!


We are three weeks away from the launch of our Fall 2019 cohort! You will receive your 1:1 mentorship pairing the first week of November. 


In the meantime, we are excited to introduce the Bravado Mentorship programme - a six-video series curated just for YOU. These videos will serve as a launchpad for mentor-mentee discussions. Each month we will release another video in the sequence featuring insights and advice from top sales professionals in our network on career development, and how to make the most of a role in sales. 


Take a sneak peek of the programmé in the video above!


As always, if you have questions or suggestions for topics, post right here in the community! This is your forum to leverage all mentors and mentees. You can also network with other Bravado members and explore all of the Bravado communities/features. 


We hope you are excited to explore and employ our content! Stay tuned for more announcements on mentorship guidelines and the Mentorship master classes sponsored by our program partners!



Bravado Mentorship

YES!!! So excited to watch these videos and prep for my mentor activity in November. 
This video got me super excited, thanks for sharing! 
Look forward to it, thanks for sharing! 
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