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Introducing the UWS Mentorship Program

Welcome, Utah Women in Sales mentors and mentees! Allow us to introduce for 2020: The Utah Women In Sales Mentorship Program! Through our partnership with Bravado our mentorship offers undergraduates and junior sales professionals the opportunity to connect with experienced and tenured sales partners. Topics shared include navigating the ins and outs of the sales industry, professional development tips, work/life balance insights, and how to launch their careers with confidenceThrough this platform, we will be connecting sales professionals with a mentor to build a supportive community for sharing best practices in an environment focused on raising women to their highest professional potential! 

Join today!

Mentor application:

Mentee application:

Amanda McDonald
Agency Lead at Centro
Gwen Coleman, MS
Pharma Sales Rep | Utah Women in Sales | Business Development Consultant at Tris Pharma
 At the Utah Women in Sales Summit last month, “working with a mentor” was mentioned in most every talk or breakout session and in the keynote speech! 

This sort of reciprocal relationship platform is a highly valuable tool for anyone seeking guidance  as they navigate the many moving parts of a sales career OR if you want to share your talents and ...
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Andrea Swensen
CEO/Founder at Millionaire Sales & Business Mastery
This looks good, however, I just applied to be a mentor and the questions were actually for  the student. Take a look at those. Thanks
Connie Zeller
CEO at C.Zeller Events
I just applied and the answers are now geared to mentors.  Thanks for the update.
Lauren Casey
Account Executive at Wiser Solutions
Super excited to be here - just joined looking for a mentor!
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