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Introduction - Jonathan van Heijzen

Good morning all! Thank you for the invite to this community. I have been around sales for a number of years as a consultant delivering training and consulting services.

I recently made the jump from delivering these services to selling the services. It has definitely been a learning experience and I have to say that I enjoy the challenge. That being said, it HAS been a challenge. Sales is HARD!

I've learned a lot, but still have a lot to learn and I look forward to any input that I might find here and maybe someday being able to help someone else who is starting off in their sales journey.

Jonathan van Heijzen
Business Development Manager at Sigmetrix
Nahyan Chowdhury
Sales Development, Mid-Market at Lever
Yeah man, it’s a grind, but I’m enjoying the learning so far. Looking forward to connect further here. 
Dana Bureau
VP of Sales/Business Development at Ocrolus
Jonathan - Selling is hard and welcome to the dark side.  My recommendation is to research a few frameworks that good sales people have absolutely mastered.  They include 'buyer's journey, teaching conversation (part of Challenger), and a qualification tool like MEDDPICC.  There are short presentations/videos available on the web for each.  Good sa... See more
Laura Thompson
Account Executive - Legal Vertical at DocuSign
Hi Jonathan- I've found that listening to the customer and finding out what their goal is, what drives them, and what their biggest pain point is currently helps to you navigate the selling process to "solve" that problem for them.  I'm also reading "Never Split the Difference" and it's incredible! 
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