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Introduction to Sunshine6000

100 hours

That's what it's gonna take

If I take 60 seconds to record a personalized message of hope and positivity to each of my roughly 6000 LinkedIn connections.

So, because I'm clearly some kind of maniac, I've already started sending videos and it's already worth it.

The project is called Sunshine6000 and it's really that simple: Reach out and spread a little sunshine and hope it goes a long way in brightening someone's day.

20 videos in and I've learned:

People don't actually think it's as corny as I feared they would

The activity energizes me, where I feared it would drain me.

I'm more passionate and confident than ever that this approach is worth the time if I were using it as a prospecting method. ( just ask Collin Cadmus )

No ask

No pitch

No plug

Just 🌞

So if you're one of the 6000, look for your message soon.

Let's link arms and love each other through these times.

Let's do it without shame or fear.

Let's do it without asking for anything in return.

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