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Is sales a 'numbers game'?

Kind of.

It's a SKILLS and NUMBERS game.

Follow me here.

There are a set of skill based metrics (yes numbers) that have the biggest impact on your success as a rep or team.

They are as follows - Each of these I feel are skill based - You can get better at each of these.

-- DM Connect Rate

-- DM Conversion Rate

-- Meetings Booked

-- Show Rate

-- Sales Cycle

-- Average Contract Value

-- Avg User Value

-- Close Rate

Once you know these numbers, you can work backwards towards your goal.

You can almost to the NUMBER know how many calls, or emails, or pipeline you need to generate to get to your goal.

Also by tracking these numbers and building them into your goal, you can also see where you can improve.

Example - If I can double my DM Conversion rate, I can make half as many dials to get to my meeting goal.

If you can increase your ACV by 30% by making larger reqs, or going after bigger companies, you can decrease the amount of deals you need in pipe.

THIS is how the numbers work together.

In fact I built a calculator for my team to use to help see if their plans are feasible or not - All the way down to emails, vidyards, calls and LI.

Know your numbers.

Know the skills that drive the numbers.

Develop the skills.

Hit. Yo. Number.

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