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“Is the man of the house available?"

This is the start of a cold call I received most recently that ended rather abruptly.

I literally asked him to repeat himself after he said this.

Mostly because I didn’t understand, but also because WHAT IS THAT???

I mean...

I guess you could say this one interrupted my typical patterns.

But, honestly, it didn’t.

I wasn’t surprised that someone was calling to sell me something, using an intro line this bad.

I asked, “what about the woman of the house, should I get her on the phone too?”

He was thrown off so badly that he started acting like his phone was cutting out...

Here’s the lesson:

One. Liners. Don’t. Work. 👏🏻👏🏻

Connect with people.

Make an effort to learn before you call.

Care enough and bring relevance or familiarity to your outreach.

Don’t sit around winging it all day.

Don’t be the person that called me.

Don’t try to smooth talk your way through the call.

Stop. Giving. Sales. A. Bad. Reputation. 👏🏻👏🏻

Remember the basics of human interactions.

How would you connect with a neighbor, introduce yourself to a future friend, check-in with a family member.

You want to avoid objections and unfriendly encounters?

Create a more natural environment when you reach out.

It’s simple.

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