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Is there a right way to do this?

Talk about #Sales again, I mean.

Do I need a segue?

Is there a such thing as a smooth transition here?

How about I just start with the truth:

Talking about processes and tactics in the pursuit of sales success feels like #selfcare right now- a much needed escape from the heavy stuff I've been engaging with these past few weeks.


It feels like a betrayal. Is that crazy?

Indeed, in my life and in my career, these things are not separate. The flame that burns in me to ignite cultural change and the passion for this profession that you connected with when you first decided to follow me are two of the most real and significant elements of my identity.

Sales & Social Justice Advocacy

That's what I'm made of.

As such, I cannot do only one or the other.

I've gotta do both. That's the journey I'm on.

Will you come with me?

Can we do this together?

Let's impact culture in our personal *and* professional lives and watch what happens when one informs and transforms the other for good.

Let's not go back to normal.

Let's build something better.




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